March 2018 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women gathered this morning for our monthly Vital Connections Breakfast and a lively discussion on Workplace Conflict. Two of the main reasons for conflict are communication and emotion and as Christian women in the Marketplace, it is important for us to remember that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities and spiritual forces of evil. (Ephesians 6:12) "Behind the biggest battles are the biggest blessings!"

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January 2018 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women started 2018 with the important topic of Human Business. Just because someone isn't on your path, doesn't mean they are lost," and it is important to remember that everyone has a story. Creating a human-centric business is good for business and an important part of building the kingdom!

-  Intentionally look for the story in others.
-  Be in tune and adjust.
-  Be a “grace giver”… (but to do that we must first fully receive God’s grace on ourselves)

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December 2017 Annual Christmas Tea

Marketplace Women gathered on Friday, December 8th for their 12th Annual Christmas Tea, an elegant evening of celebration, conversation and Christmas Cheer! With a table filled with delectable treats, a selection of heavenly teas and inspiring table talk based on Ephesians 3:20, about what it means to believe BIG in what God can do, the evening was a very special way to start the Christmas Holiday.

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November 2017 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women gathered bright and early for breakfast and a collaborative session on simplified approaches to our lives. While a filled schedule can give us a sense of purpose, we need to have a well-intended response to the world’s demands of self-sufficiency, individualism and performance. Discussions centered on the “multiplier” principle to our schedules (see video below), knowing our weak spots and steps we could take today to live more attentively to the voice of Jesus in our schedules. One resource we discussed was a personal confession like the one in the book "Prayers That Avail Much for Women" by Germaine Copeland.  What a great way to start the month!


October 2017 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women met early morning for the first Vital Connections Daybreak of the 2017-2018 Season.  The room buzzed with energy as women networked, enjoyed breakfast and discussed the topic of Authenticity. A new buzzword among leaders today, Authenticity is touted as our most precious commodity.  And in a society and marketplace where core beliefs are challenged and hindered daily, the ability to be ourselves, but carefully, can build trust and bridges to the Kingdom of God.

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September 2017 Donor Event

Marketplace Women enjoyed a fun and relaxing time eating, chatting and creating fun "Sun Catchers" at the Dragonfly Shops & Gardens in Old Town Orange! This gathering kicked off the 2017-2018 Season of Events which will focus on simplicity, personal connections and prayer, all with the purpose of equipping Christian women to be authentic change agents in the Marketplace. We hope you will join us!

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June 2017 Vital Connections

It was a delightful evening of fellowship, networking and learning more about each other's businesses at Marketplace Women's last Vital Connections of the 2016-2017 season! The popular Business Showcase event provided each attendee the opportunity to "show and tell." Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, Sarah Zaret joined the ladies and provided some basic beauty tips and fun samples. The evening was a perfect ending to the season leaving everyone excited about what's coming in 2017-2018! Stay tuned and Enjoy Your Summer!

May 2017 Vital Connection

Marketplace Women gathered for a beautiful morning of breakfast, fellowship and lively discussion on the trending topic of How to Lead Millennials in the Workplace. Some of the key tips from our topic collaboration were:

  • Provide Direct Direction
  • Deliver the WHY
  • Suggest saying, “Do it this way, this time; then if you see a different way come back and let’s discuss!”
  • Suggest saying, “I have your back.”
  • Reverse Mentoring.  Grab a Millennial to mentor you! You are guaranteed to learn and laugh.
  • Confidence is not the key to resilience.  Competence is!  Create one or two opportunities for the Millennial to grow in competence.
  • Like Jesus, be LOVE!

It was a fun morning of sharing and learning and remembering what our actions say in the workplace.


April 2017 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women's April Vital Connections was a blessed time of sharing about the Martha and Mary in all of us! Attendees at both the Breakfast session and Dinner session spent quality time sharing and collaborating on how to appreciate balance and the voice of the Holy Spirit which leads us to "Martha and Mary moments" in our personal and professional lives. It was an inspiring time spent together!

Marketplace Women Service Project - March 2017

On Friday, March 31st Marketplace Women spent time at WHW serving and ministering to young adults enrolled in Taller San Jose Hope Builders' Career Program. Acting as Personal Stylists, the ladies helped each young adult select professional apparel and accessories as part of their critical job search while passing along words of wisdom on what it means to have a professional appearance for a job interview. The afternoon was fun, insightful and inspirational, providing a blessed time of being a light in the workplace.

March 2017 Vital Connections

This month Marketplace Women tackled the subject of Social Media.  We live in a time when the rush of social media is often speeding past our ability to critically evaluate our communications and apply biblical standards. Attendees enjoyed a frank discussion on how we can better navigate the maze of the modern social network glorifying God and benefiting His Church as we go.

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