May 2017 Vital Connection

Marketplace Women gathered for a beautiful morning of breakfast, fellowship and lively discussion on the trending topic of How to Lead Millennials in the Workplace. Some of the key tips from our topic collaboration were:

  • Provide Direct Direction
  • Deliver the WHY
  • Suggest saying, “Do it this way, this time; then if you see a different way come back and let’s discuss!”
  • Suggest saying, “I have your back.”
  • Reverse Mentoring.  Grab a Millennial to mentor you! You are guaranteed to learn and laugh.
  • Confidence is not the key to resilience.  Competence is!  Create one or two opportunities for the Millennial to grow in competence.
  • Like Jesus, be LOVE!

It was a fun morning of sharing and learning and remembering what our actions say in the workplace.