May Vital Connection

Marketplace Women of Orange County May Vital Connections Breakfast at the Wayfare HQ in Costa Mesa dove into the subject of Social Media. Member Amanda Jaimez shared tips, strategies and ideas for successfully navigating the various platforms. Everyone left with some fresh outlook on how social media can be used to promote brand and engage audiences. Everyone also left with some fun toys as a reminder to be creative, take a moment to relax and don’t be afraid to have fun as you integrate your professional, personal and spiritual lives!

Handout Answer sheet from Amanda Jaimez Social Media Strategie talk

1.#The Golden Circle
Why do you do what you do? This would be your cause, belief, or purpose.
How do you do what you do? This is specific actions taken to realize your why.
What do you do? This is the result of why. The proof.
2. Choose the networks that best support your brand.
is considered great on all terms and in its own category because it allows for the most diverse traffic. Instagram and Pinterest are both options for brands that rely heavily on images. Linkedin and google+ are stronger choices for promoting business-related content and connecting with other business influencers such as an enginerring firm or real estate investment company. Snapchat and Twitter are both great for a vusiness such as a dance studio, yoga class, or media production company.
3. understand where less is more.
This looks like adding hyperlinks, social media icons to your web site and including your #handle or web link to all platforms so your audience can have easy access to all of your social media outlets.
4. Leverage Influence
Be a #affiliate or open your brand up to partner with affiliates.  Collaborate by teaming with other brands in your same sector to create incentive for your audience.  Consider #loop giveaways or contests.
5. Engage with purpose
Request to follow others and follow back. Interact with your followers. Understand your Brands frame-work. Know who your audience is.  Know best times to post.  Build an electronic press kit.  Create content that represent your brand.  And, educate your audience.