“Please Sign and Date”


A few years ago, I was in the mist of designing a home that my husband Ken and I had purchased in Arizona. I was determined to incorporate our love for entertaining friends and family, with a way to cherish, remember and pray, for each person we had welcomed into our home. With numerous blank walls to be filled, I created a Graffiti Prayer Board.

Armed with an extra-large stretched 36” x 76” canvas, I painted a neutral basecoat over the entire board, with paint left in the garage by the previous owners. After the paint had dried completely, I took a roller and rolled another color (to give it depth) covering a smaller portion of the canvas. I was done.

Whenever, Ken and I invite a new guest home, whether it is a couple’s quiet dinner, or a celebration with several friends, they are asked to “Please sign and date” the Graffiti Board with a black Sharpie. Guest love writing messages, drawing odd pictures and even quoting scriptures on the board; almost as much as we love reading them.

Over the course of the years, we have made it a habit to stand in front of the canvas, and pray for each person whose name appears. Some are family and friends that we communicate and visit on a regular bases. Others are names of people we unfortunately don’t see, or have gone home to be with our Savior. This simple painted canvas is a treasured, artful piece in our home which lets us lift up our family and friends in prayer, and reminds us of all the wonderful people who have touched our lives.

I encourage everyone to be creative with how you remember to pray for your friends and family. Think outside the box, and maybe unto your walls!

Carol Holloway
Aesthetics by Carol