June 2019 Business Showcase

Marketplace Women gathered for a fun time of dinning and networking at our Annual Business Showcase! Guests were treated to a delicious meal and then had the opportunity to share their businesses with each other followed by lots of collaboration and laughter! And as wrap up for the 2018-2019 season, each attendee received a mini bulletin board with all of the featured scriptures from the year, a year when we explored what it meant to be "Anchored in the Lord!" Hebrews 6:19

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May 2019 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women gathered together early for breakfast and to share on the topic of being "Willing to Rock the Boat." In our professional, personal and even spiritual lives, we tend to seek a world of comfort. We try to construct manageable lives with some security and predictability to maintain the illusion that we are in control. However, comfort keeps us from growth. Jesus is in the water. We are in the boat. Getting out of the boat requires us to climb to the edge, fixate our eyes on Jesus, lean over, rock the boat, and step out in faith.


February 2019 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women enjoyed an inspiring morning as we shared on the topic of being content in the middle of life's storms. God often uses the storms of life to reveal who we are inside and to help us be more like Jesus through His truth. As Paul wrote in Philippians, we are learning to be content in every circumstance so that we can be a light in the marketplace and a witness to those around us.

February Breakfast.jpg

January 2019 Vital Connections

It was a full house at Marketplace Women's first Vital Connections Breakfast of 2019! The topic was "Costly Grace." After enjoying a delicious breakfast, the group had very inspiring discussions on the difference between cheap grace and costly grace. "In the face of fame, influence, we unconsciously abandon our Christian principles." Cheap Grace = Using grace to compromise our behavior or lower the standard of God. Costly Grace = To give my life to Christ is to give it away.

January 2019.jpg

December 2018 Annual Christmas Tea

Marketplace Women gathered on Friday, December 7th for their 13th Annual Christmas Tea, an elegant evening of celebration, conversation and Christmas Cheer! With a table filled with delectable treats, a selection of heavenly teas and inspiring table talk based on Philippians 4:4, about how we can REJOICE in the Lord in all circumstances, the evening was a very special way to start the Christmas Holiday.

Marketplace Christmas Tea.jpg

November 2018 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women started the day bright and early at their monthly Vital Connections Breakfast. Starting with prayer over the names on our Prayer Canvas, networking and a delicious breakfast, attendees moved into an inspiring and motivating discussion on Extraordinary Love and intentionally loving those who may be hard to love in the workplace. "We become in our lives what we do with our love!" (Bob Goff in Everybody Always)

Vital Connections - November 2018.png

October 2018 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women enjoyed a very thoughtful morning sharing and collaborating on the subject of what it means to be anchored in all parts of our lives. There are many challenges to staying anchored in the things of the Lord and to constantly distinguishing our roles from our selves. From "Leadership on the Line" - "There is a long term value of distinguishing role from self; roles end. We need anchors to keep us from being swept away by the distractions, the flood of information, the tensions and temptations."

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September 2018 Summer Gathering

Marketplace Women enjoyed a fun and relaxing evening of food, drink and inspired creativity at Tuesday’s Summer Gathering which officially kicked off the 2018-2019 season. The Ladies were introduced to this year’s theme of “Being Anchored” and overriding scripture, Hebrews 6:20, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” The highlight of the evening was a chance to create signs with inspiring messages and picture to keep or to give as gifts. The room was filled with great energy and great anticipation as to how God will use Marketplace Women in the Marketplace this coming year!

Summer Gathering.jpg

April 2018 Vital Connections

Marketplace Women met bright and early for the April Vital Connections Breakfast for a collaborative session on what it takes to move from “Exhausted to Energized.”  It was agreed that Exhaustion is NOT a status symbol and that it is important to heed warning signs. We must be intentional about taking care of self and making sure that we are living the way God created us to live…“connected to Him, energized by our daily activities and striving to be the very best we can!” – PropelWomen.org

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